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I warmly welcome any questions you may have about the clinic, our wonderful team of therapists and the range of treatments we offer here at Honeys Green. I thoroughly enjoy speaking to clients on the phone and do all I can to help them decide which therapy or therapist may be best placed to meet their needs. We look forward to your enquiry and genuinely look forward to welcoming you to the clinic.




Michelle Pearce

Practice Manager

Michael Pearce

Principal Osteopath


“Michael is a complete professional, courteous and extremely knowledgeable about the workings of the human body.” Anthony, Editor, Ringmer


"I am so glad I plucked up the courage to visit Michael with my back pain. I have had four visits, and am now pain free! I really enjoyed the “hands on” treatment at the clinic, and the exercise programme he suggested is helping me maintain a pain-free life. Thank you, Michael." S.Alexander, Sussex


“I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who was seeking treatment from a very experienced osteopath” G.M., Plumpton Green



Suzy Daw

Integrative Physiotherapy


“I saw Suzy the following week for another treatment but by then there was already substantial improvement. Within three weeks my back was essentially functioning normally again so was very pleased as I know how long back problems can hang around! I would definitely see Suzy again and feel very confident to recommend her to anyone else". L.M.


"Suzy was great she was my last hope. She helped heal my shoulder injury which I had for years, with tailor-made manipulation and home-exercises. She explained things in a clear and concise manner and would often demonstrate. The best physio I have seen".  Bryan



Suzy Daw



"I really enjoyed the gentle pace, Suzy is a very patient and nurturing teacher, I’ll be back." Gavin  


"Very thoughtful teaching with lots of hands on help. It I is a joy to participate in a class. Very safe for people with joint problems and back injuries. I would highly recommend the retreat or Suzy’s weekly classes." Bekki



Zoe Gale

Massage Therapist


“Zoe has very special hands. I am a massage therapist myself and like deep work, yet I also like to be nurtured and treated as a whole. I always feel rejuvenated and relaxed afterwards, and my long history of insomnia has become a thing of the past since having evening treatments with Zoe. I cannot recommend her highly enough.” M.P., Uckfield


“Zoe gives a very specific, targeted massage with an intuitive sense to correcting the body's tension. I would highly recommend her.” P.C., East Hoathly


“I've been seeing Zoe for massage therapy for over 10 years. I'm very picky when it comes to massage and Zoe really knows her stuff.  She works very deeply on my tense muscles (as I like a lot of pressure) and is knowledgeable about a wide range of therapies. She is also a very kind and friendly person.” B.W., Eastbourne



Zoe Georges

Sports Massage Therapist


"If I ever doubted how effective trigger point work is, I have just been reminded how amazing it is. My lovely sports massage therapist,  Abby, is moving to pastures new but has left another therapist in her wake to look after her clients. I have been having real problems with my shoulder these past few weeks and was fearing the worst. Certain arm positions have been so painful. Zoe, my new smt, listened to my woes and then after a thorough examination of my arms found a couple of painful trigger points. A few minutes of slightly ouchy treatment and hey presto, my arms are pain free and I can do the calypso again. Trigger point therapy as part of sports massage therapy (or any of the effective body work modalities) rocks!" E.M.



Oliver Bettany

Humanistic Counsellor


“I know that deep down you are the expert in you. You already hold the key to unlock the door and reveal the best way forward - my job is to help you find that key!”  Ollie



Annabel Mariott

Counsellor and Clinical Hypnotherapist


"I had no preconceived ideas of what might happen, so I arrived feeling a little uncertain but very soon felt relaxed with the approach and style used. I was made to feel totally at ease and completely comfortable talking about my phobia.  It helped me to think more deeply about why and how it had come about. Feeling relaxed and thinking differently made me consider that overcoming my phobia was a possibilility." A.P.


"A very powerful and timely counselling session dealing with my stress and anxiety. Annabel is very skilled at inducing trance, has a lovely voice and paced the session well.  I’m feeling very positive about the future…thank you!." A.H.


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Below you will find a few words from our clients and therapists about their treatments at Honeys Green.